Personalized Wine Hoop Heart Sign

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Personalized Wine Hoop Heart Sign

Introducing the Personalized Wine Hoop Heart Sign!!

We take a full hoop from a retired Napa valley wine barrel and hand bend it into a heart. Next we attach a wine barrel stave and laser engrave it with the initials you provided.

Fonts can be chosen in the project images we offer 24 different fonts.

These hearts are custom made and no two are alike. The size can vary from 22'-26'' wide to average around 2 ' tall. They stand off the wall 3".

There is an option for custom personalized under styles (extra $10). This will allow you to engrave something custom like a saying or image.

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Materials: wine barrel,wood,metal,laser engraving,valentines,valentines day,heat,wine,napa,wine sign,wine wood,stave,wine stave