Personalized Family Monogram Wine Barrel Stave Sign

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New Design!!

Personalized Family Monogram Wine Barrel Stave Sign

These signs were hand crafted from Napa Valley Wine Barrels then laser engraved in-house.

They will look great in your bar, kitchen, entry way, office or any place you gather to enjoy wine with your friends and loved ones.
You can hang them on a wall by using the hooks located in the back.

All signs have been carefully treated with polyurethane to protect them.

Size can vary 17-18" long by 8-11 wide.

Personalization Instructions:

Please select the "Custom Personalization" style, add to your cart and simply tell us the Letter and Name in the "Special instruction for seller" note box. 

You can preview what the main letter, border and name will look like in the pictures of the product.


Custom Design Instructions:

We can custom personalize a sign for you as well. Simply choose the "Custom Design" style (extra $18.00 charge), add it to your cart and leave us a detailed description in the "Special instructions for the seller" note box.

Please be as descriptive as possible including Font style, Text, layout design, pics or images you may wish to add. If possible, send us a drawing of the sign you wish to create. No judgement on the quality of your drawing, I can't draw anything more than stick figures myself :)

Feel good about doing business with The Winey Guys, re-inventing what we can, to help our environment.

All Winey Guys products are created from recycled wine barrels. Since all barrels are unique in size, character and color, there are slight differences among like products. These variations do not affect the function or durability of Winey Guy products, but do add a one of a kind touch to each piece we create. Enjoy!

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