Custom Wine Barrel Stave Clock/Laser Engraved/Personalized/Wine Clock/Wine Stave Clock/Stave Sign/Nappa Clock/Rustic Clock/Country Clock

The Winey Guys

Want a clock that grabs attention?

Bring a bit of Napa style with unique flair to your home or office with our new Custom Wine Barrel Stave Clock!

These unique barrel staves are the perfect wall decor item to enhance any room in your home or office.

We can custom personalize this product for you. Simply choose the custom personalized variant (extra $10.00) and leave us a detailed description in the Personalization box.

Made from a retired Napa Valley wine barrel. Each clock is custom laser engraved with our stock options or we can fully personalize one for you. The ideas are Endless so if you have a idea and would like to know cost and production time just please let our team know.

We use the Quartex Set and Forget clock movement. Batteries are included so just set time, mount the hanging bracket on wall and hang!
Hour and Minute hands only.

Size range from 8-10" x 18"

Our goal is to make something unique and personal for you or someone special.

All Winey Guys products are created from recycled wine barrels. Since all barrels are unique in size, character and color, there are slight differences among like products. These variations do not affect the function or durability of Winey Guys products, but do add a one of a kind touch to each piece we create. Enjoy!

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