Napa Wine Barrel Staves set of 5

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These staves are reclaimed from a Northern California wine barrel.

The barrels were used in production housing wine for three years.

Each set of staves made of solid white oak, come from the same barrel, and are richly soaked red from the wine that was stored inside.

The staves are 37" long and range from 1" -4" in width. Each set of five will have a variety of different widths but all will be the same length.

If you are looking for larger quantities or need certain widths please contact me and I can get you a quote.

Feel good about doing business with The Winey Guys, re-inventing what we can, to help our environment.

All Winey Guys products are created from recycled wine barrels. Since all barrels are unique in size, character and color, there are slight differences among like products. These variations do not affect the function or durability of Winey Guys products, but do add a one of a kind touch to each piece we create. Enjoy!