Floor Standing Wine Holder

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Floor Standing Wine Holder

This piece not only is functional, but looks great. Made in the USA from retired wine barrels, the oak on this piece is wine stained beautifully. This is a nice corner piece for your kitchen, game room or bar and you can also use it outdoors. This stand conveniently holds 10 bottles.

11.5" w
35" h
23" d

Feel good about doing business with The Winey Guys, re-inventing what we can to help our environment.

All Winey Guys products are created from recycled wine barrels and/or glass bottles. Since all barrels are unique in size, character and color, there are slight differences among like products. These variations do not affect the function or durability of Winey Guys products, but do add a one of a kind touch to each piece we create. Enjoy!