Wine Barrel Sweetheart Bench

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Wine Barrel Sweetheart Bench

This is the best spot to snuggle up with your loved one. Perfectly curved wine barrel seat fits a bottom just right and the natural shape of the oak makes sure you will be close to your sweetheart. Great spot to enjoy a fire! This is perfect for pics with the kids!

37" w 13" d 16" h

We offer this in a polyurethane clear coat for indoors and a teak oil finish for outdoors.  Please be advised that if used outdoors the sun and the elements will fade the red wine stain and will require additional maintenance.  It is always recommended to keep out of the elements and or covered to prolong the beauty and durability of the bench.

Feel good about doing business with The Winey Guys, re-inventing what we can to help our environment.

All Winey Guys products are created from recycled wine barrels and/or glass bottles. Since all barrels are unique in size, character and color, there are slight differences among like products. These variations do not affect the function or durability of Winey Guys products, but do add a one of a kind touch to each piece we create.